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Uno / Dual

Whether you choose the Uno or Dual system, it is two distinct offerings that cater to different sleep preferences and needs.

Both the Uno and Dual systems are crafted with our commitment to sleep, natural materials, sustainability, and craftsmanship. We believe in creating beds that are more than just ergonomic instruments; they are holistic plateaus of rest. 

Whether you choose the Uno or Dual system, you are choosing a bed that aligns with our philosophy of providing a place of return, quiet, water, and sleep. Explore further to discover which system best suits your needs.

Uno - (one mattress)

Our Uno water mattress is a full-length solution that provides a unique waterbed experience. If you and your partner prefer the same level of stabilization and enjoy the gentle balance created by each other’s movements, the Uno mattress is an ideal choice.

The larger the mattress, the more pronounced the waterbed feeling becomes, immersing you in a soothing, aquatic tranquility reminiscent of our earliest origins in water.

Dual - (two mattresses)

On the other hand, our Dual water mattress system offers two separate mattresses within a continuous safety trough and surrounding textile cover. This system is perfect for those who have different preferences for the waterbed feeling or wish to minimize the sensation of their partner’s movements.

The Dual system also allows for individual temperature settings, providing a personalized sleep environment for each user.


Personalize your waterbed to your specific needs and preferences by customizing the level of stabilisation. Our stabilisation systems reduces movements in the water mattress and gives it a firmer feel. Additionally, you can choose lumbar support, which provides extra comfort and support in the lumbar region.

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