Unique stabilization systems


Experience a personalized sleep tailored to your individual needs through our three unique stabilization systems.

At the heart of our waterbeds lies the ability to customize the level of stabilization, allowing you to tailor your bed to your specific needs and preferences. Our stabilization systems work to reduce movements in the water mattress, providing a firmer feel and a more restful sleep.

Our Fleece stabilization system (F.) consists of 2-8 free-floating Polyester fleece inserts, offering a range of stabilization levels from F2 to F8. This system allows you to choose the level of movement you prefer in your waterbed, from a gentle sway to a more grounded feel.

For those seeking additional comfort and support, we offer the ERGO stabilization system. This system features two layers of ergonomic foam in either Medium or Firm comfort, with optional Lumbar support and Shoulder zone for enhanced body alignment and relief.

Our F-ERGO stabilization system combines the best of both worlds, featuring one layer of ergonomic foam coupled with Polyester fleece inserts. This hybrid system offers a unique blend of comfort and stability, allowing for a truly personalized sleep experience.

In addition, we offer the option of lumbar support, providing extra comfort and support in the lumbar region, further enhancing the restful qualities of our waterbeds.

Fleece stabilization

The free-floating polyester fiber inserts are precisely tailored to the shape and size of the water mattress. For mechanical stability and durability during continuous use in water with conditioner, the fleece layers are coated and sewn together with braided nylon bands.

This meticulous process ensures a long-lasting and stable water mattress.

ERGO stabilization

Our ERGO stabilization systems, crafted from open-pore special foam, offer robust stabilization and quick response to movements on the water mattress. Comprising two foam blocks sewn together, the system provides direct support and adapts to your body contour.

The upper layer, made of soft foam, can feature a shoulder zone or a shoulder zone with lumbar support. Depending on your body weight and desired firmness, you can choose between a medium or firm lower foam block. This system ensures natural body positioning and optimal comfort.

F-ERGO stabilization

Our F-ERGO stabilization systems blend open-pore special foam with fleece, offering ergonomic support and superior pressure relief from both Fleece and ERGO systems.

The system, featuring a foam block sewn with one or three layers of fleece, provides less support force and the familiar inertia of fleece stabilizations. An optional shoulder zone enhances the unique comfort and gives an exceptional sleep experience.

Softside (Q) or Hardside?

Akva offer three distinct types of water mattresses to suit your individual sleep needs: the Softside, Softside Q and the Hardside. The Softside mattress features a diagonally cut frame that provides a comfortable edge to sit on and stability for free-standing installation.

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