We believe in the art of restful slumber


We prioritize your comfort and health. Our commitment to crafting the perfect sleep experience ensures that you receive the best possible rest.

We believe in the art of restful slumber. Our waterbeds provide unparalleled pressure relief and gentle warmth, inviting you to dive into a deep and uninterrupted sleep that sets us apart from traditional beds. Our tailor-made options, including 13 levels of stabilisation and lumbar support, ensure the ultimate in personalised body support for you and your partner.

Akva Waterbeds is an allergy-friendly sleeping environment, with washable top covers and phthalate-free vinyl that prioritises your comfort and health. We take pride in crafting the perfect sleep experience and urge to deliver the best sleep experience.

Akva Nordic Select waterbed

A good night's sleep

The unique pressure relief and the warmth of the waterbed contribute to helping you achieve a deep and uninterrupted sleep, and they are two of the essential differences between waterbeds and traditional beds.

Unique Pressure Relief

The water mattress always adapts to your body, which prevents pressure points, and it supports you in any position. A waterbed always provides optimal body support, which is why we call it the best sleep in the world. The water mattress never changes its shape but provides the same comfort year after year.

Tempered Warmth

A waterbed has a comfortable temperature all year. The warmth makes you relax and fall asleep faster during the winter, because you don’t have to use energy warming up the bed first. The waterbed never gets too warm during summer either, because the temperature is adjusted with a thermostat.

Tailor-Made For You

Two water mattresses in your bed enable you and your partner to have different levels of stabilisation, lumbar support, and even different temperature settings. A divider between the water mattresses reduces the transmission of movements from one mattress to the other and enables you to sleep uninterrupted when your partner turns in bed.

Levels of Stabilisation

Akva Waterbeds offers 13 different levels of stabilisation. The stabilisation fibres diminish the motions in the water mattress and make the water mattress feel firmer. Furthermore, you can choose lumbar support which provides extra support and comfort in the lumbar region.

Allergy-Friendly Sleeping Environment

Waterbeds offer exceptional hygiene. The top cover can be removed and washed at 60° C. The water mattress can be wiped off, kept clean and free from dust mites and allergens. This is a huge advantage if you have allergies.

The water mattresses from Akva Waterbeds are made of phthalate free vinyl and tested to ensure that it is free of any harmful substances. Our water mattresses are softened with the phthalate free and environmentally friendly softener Mesamoll II.

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