Mt. Ventoux Comfort

Experience the ultimate in comfort and style with the Mt. Ventoux Comfort headboard from AKVA. Available in  Athina or Textile leather upholstery, this headboard is designed to seamlessly integrate with your AKVA waterbed. Whether you’re reading, watching TV or chatting, the headboard’s floating design at frame height provides the perfect place to lean comfortably. The […]

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Mt. Ventoux (standard)

Elevate your sleep experience with the Mt. Ventoux (standard) headboard by AKVA. With a variety of finishes to choose from, including decor, beech or oak veneer, and Athina or Textile leather upholstery, this headboard is tailored to seamlessly complement your AKVA waterbed. Relax in comfort whether reading, watching TV or chatting, as the headboard’s floating

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Olympus is the perfect headboard for Akva waterbeds, available in Athina textile or textile leather. The headboard can be customized to match your bed, making it a unique addition to your waterbed. Not only does the headboard give you support for your body when in the bed, it also adds a touch of style and

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