Waterbeds and Arthritis

Chronic or long-term pain caused by arthritis often contributes to fatigue. Improving your sleep and your sleeping environment can help you overcome it. 

Pain Relieving Heat

In a waterbed, you can experience the same relieving feeling that you know from a long, warm shower or a hot tub. The warmth makes your muscles relax and increases your blood circulation. This does not cure you, but it provides short term pain relief, which increases your quality of life.

The water mattress is heated with the digital low-voltage heating system, Akva Vital, and many people experience that the warmth combined with the unique pressure relief improves their sleep and relieves pain caused by arthritis.

Increase the Quality of Your Sleep                    

Maximum pressure relief and evenly distributed support are necessities for a calm and uninterrupted sleep. The waterbed helps you find a comfortable sleeping position, which can be a challenge when your joints are swollen and sore.

Due to the ability of water to adjust to your body, when you are lying comfortably, you will notice that you feel almost weightless and experience less of an urge to turn in bed at night. Less tossing and turning in bed increases the quality of your sleep.