Choose the Right Water Mattress

A water mattress is always something very personal. The stabilisation, filling volume, and the temperature settings allow you to enjoy customized bedtime comfort.

Akva Waterbeds offers 13 levels of stabilisation, and we can customize your water mattress to match your individual needs and preferences. 

Mattress structure

The water mattresses are available as a one-piece (uno) or two pieces (dual). The dual systems are advantageous if your partner is much more "stable" or lighter than you are, or if you want different temperatures and stabilisation on each side.

The dual system also ensures more tranquillity, as the movements of your partner are reduced considerably.

Stabilisation Layers Absorb the Movements

A stabilisation layer is made of fibres. The layers of fibres absorb the movements of the water and support your body. Lumbar support (LS) refers to extra layers of stabilisation in the lumbar region, which provides extra support for your back and lumbar.

There aren't any health related differences between free flow and firm water mattresses. Your choice should therefore depend entirely on your personal preferences.

Firm Water Mattresses

The movements in firm water mattresses (also called waveless) are reduced by motion absorbing fibre layers. Depending on the number of stabilisation layers, the movements are absorbed in 1 second or less.

Free flow Water Mattresses

Free flow water mattresses (also called F0) do not contain any stabilisation layers, and it takes up to 25 seconds, before the movements are absorbed.

3 Types of Water Mattresses

Akva Waterbeds offers three types of water mattresses: hardside, softside, and softside Q water mattresses.

Firm or Free Flow Water Mattress?
Depending on the number of stabilisation layers, the movements in the water are absorbed within 1-25 seconds.


The traditional, uncompromising form of the waterbed requires a suitably strong bed frame that supports the form of the water mattress.

Softside Q

The straight frame combined with a cube-shaped water mattress provides a particularly high level of bedtime comfort with effective adaptability and a high water volume.


The diagonally cut soft frame forms a comfortable edge to sit on and lends the water mattress (chambered form) stability for free-standing installation.

Bed Size

For softside waterbeds we recommend the following bed sizes since the insulating foam frame reduces the lying surface.


 Bed Size

 up to 175 cm

 200 cm or longer

 175 - 185 cm

 210 cm or longer

 185 - 195 cm

 220 cm  or longer


If you choose a hardside waterbed, you can choose the bed size that you normally would. But always keep in mind that a bigger lying surface provides more comfort. 

Find the Nearest Dealer

If you have not owned a waterbed before, we recommend that you visit one of our dealers to find out which water mattress fits your personal needs and preferences.