Back Pain and Waterbeds

If you suffer from back pain or lumbar pain, it is of crucial importance to have a bed that matches your body and your individual needs. Keep in mind that you spend around 1/3 of the day in bed, and never forget that your bed is an investment in your well-being - when you are asleep as well as when you are awake.

A waterbed supports your entire body evenly and provides a unique kind of pressure relief that allows your body to relax and recover in an uncompromising way.   

Research: Mattresses and Back Pains

In a research project 3 different types of mattresses, including a water mattress from Akva Waterbeds, were compared regarding their effect on back pain. The researchers found that there was a tendency towards improved sleep and pain relief among the participants who slept on waterbeds. The participants sleeping on waterbeds reported a 10% reduction of their back pains. The two other types of mattresses were visco elastic foam mattresses and firm mattresses.

"The group of participants testing the waterbeds reported a 10% reduction of their back pains"

(Mattresses and Chronic Lower Back Pains, pre-graduate research project at the Institute of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics at University of Southern Denmark)

Improved Quality of Sleep

Improved quality of sleep seemed to lead to a greater sense of well-being and also affect the participants’ perception of pain during the daytime. The researchers believed that the improvement of the participants’ sleep also reduced their subjective experience of pain, which in turn enhanced their feeling of well-being and reduced the discomfort of their back pain.

About the Research

The research was conducted in association with The University of Southern Denmark, and the participants suffered from chronic lower back pain. They had all experienced a constant pain level during the 6 months prior to the research, and they all suffered from back pain on a daily basis – especially in the morning.

Therapeutic Warmth and Back Pain

The warmth of the waterbed soothes sore muscles and relieves tensions, which allows a more restful sleep. Many people experience and report that the warmth makes them relax, loosen up, and fall asleep faster, but also that the pain caused by tension (e.g. back pain) is relieved. The unique pressure-relieving ability of the water mattress combined with its warmth provides an excellent basis for your daily rest and recovery.