Here you will find our selection of wood material for our beds. If you have any questions about the choice of materials, please contact us at [email protected]
Sort dekor

Black decor

Graa dekor

Grey decor

Beton dekor

Concrete decor

Weiss Dekor

White decor

Ahorn Dekor

Maple decor

Buche hell Dekor

Ligth beech decor

Eiche Dekor

Oak decor

Kiefer modern Dekor

Modern pine decor

Wenge dekor

Wenge decor

Eiche geölt

Oak oiled

Eiche geseift

Oak lye-treated

Eiche weissgeölt

Oak white oiled

Eiche Rauch

Smoked oak

Buche schwarz gebeizt

Beech black-stained

Buche anthrazit gebeizt

Beech anthracite-stained

Buche Rauch

Smoked beech

Buche mittelbraun gebeizt

Beech medium brown-stained

Buche mahagoni gebeizt

Beech mahogany-stained

Buche geölt

Beech oiled

Buche weiss gebeizt

Beech white-stained

Buche grau gebeizt

Beech grey-stained

Buche braun gebeizt

Beech brown-stained

Other materials


(only for box base)