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Akva Soft

Akva Soft

Akva Soft is for everyone, who dreams about changing their mattress and bed. Though a good and relaxing sleep is not depending on how a bed looks, Akva Waterbeds also offers you the possibility to put together your own bed so that it in design and style matches your individual preferences.

The classic bed with a simple and solid design for fitting to existing bed frames, or freestanding with a firm or soft Softside frame. Designed like a traditional box mattress, it can be combined with any base and headboard.

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Softside Wassermatratze

Akva waterbed models - Softside, Q Softside and Hardside - each have their own strengths, which depend entirely on your needs and desires.

Therefore you should begin by selecting the bed model that suits you best.

Then select the type of mattress and it's degree of damping according to your wishes in terms of support and stabilisation. If a two-part mattress is desired, a different damping can be selected separately for each side.

Finally, select the type of safety film you wish.

Softside Q

Softside foam
The softside mattress has a diagonally cut soft frame which forms a comfortable edge to sit on and lends the water mattress (chamfered form) stability for free standing installation.


Stabilisation level
13 different stabilisers to define the individual degree of movement in your mattress. 
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Mattress structure
One piece (uno) or two-piece (dual)


Safety liner
Follows the mattress or follows the foam edge.
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Mattress covers

Akva offers a range of different materials with different cover sizes, elasticity and different sleeping environment properties. All Akva fabrics have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and are thus free of harmful substances.

Click below on the covers for information about product composition and washing instructions.









Protège matelas 

Slipcover 110 g.




The upper part of the cover can be zipped of and thus be washed and dried. Covers can also be purchased with a zipper in the middel so it can be zipped apart and fit in a normal sized washer and dryer.

The Swift cover can be ordered with a special polyurethane bottom. This bottom is an additional hygienic advantage, as sweat and skin particles can not penetrate to the surface of the mattress and it is thus preserved.

With a comfort top, you get a delicious, soft and cozy waterbed with high resting comfort. The top has a fibrous filler zipped into it for extra cushioning and works as a heat regulator. A comfort-top also facilitates entry and exit of the waterbed.

Base and frame

Choose from the following bases (click on pictures to enlarge):






Big Boks

Big Box
(for a maximum of storage room)

4 box

(on rails or castors)

8 boks

(on rails)



You can choose different materials for the base and frame:

Accessories for Waterbeds

As you would expect with a quality product, Akva Waterbeds supplies a full range of accessory products. Akva offers bedside tables, water pillows and sheets which increase the pleasure and benefits of sleeping on a waterbed.



Covers, sheets etc.


Bedside Tables


Heating Element




Care Products for Waterbeds

You can also find Accessories for Waterbeds in our webshop: