Environment-Friendly Manufactory

Akva Waterbeds produces high quality waterbeds with a high durability without compromising our objectives for an environment-friendly production.

All of Akva Waterbeds vinyl and textiles are tested free for harmful substances and are OEKO-TEX 100 certified. Our vinyl and textiles live up to the highest requirements and are approved for babies, and our phthalate free vinyl is softened with the environmental-friendly softener Mesamoll II. The environment-friendly water mattress has proven to be more durable than water mattresses made of traditional vinyl, and Mesamoll II is also approved for products that come into contact with foodstuffs and products used in children's toys.   

Our environment policy includes objectives about reuse of surplus materials and responsible waste management. For example surplus vinyl is sold and used for roofing foil.


  • Durable Waterbeds

Durable products spare the environment for waste products and material exploitation.

  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100%

Our vinyl and textiles are tested free for harmful substances and approved for babies.

  • Phthalate Free Water Mattresses

Environment-friendly water mattress have proven to be more durable than traditional water mattresses.

  • Environment-friendly Water Mattresses

Our water mattresses are softened with the environment-friendly softener Mesamoll II, which is also approved for the use in children´s toys and products that come into contact with food.

  • Waste Management

We sell most of our surplus material which is used for other products.

  • Low-Energy Waterbeds

The heater, Akva vital, combines high comfort with low-energy consumption.

Low-energy Waterbeds

Using the latest technology, Akva has developed a unique heating system called Akva Vital. The heating element combines maximum comfort with minimum power consumption.

Akva softside waterbeds are standard with isolating foam frames which means that they are characterized by the Danish Technological Institute as low-energy products.

When the mattress has reached the desired temperature the heating system can be set on a 12-hour timer. After this the heating can take place when most economical or when the bed is not in use. A built-in sensor keeps the chosen temperature constant.

The heating element is sealed with a water-proof vinyl and has a childproof power source and temperature regulator. Furthermore Akva Vital is TÜV-certified.

Manufacturing with 100% wind energy

In an Akva Waterbed, you do not have to be sleepless and worry about the environment. We are aware of the rising climate challenges and have committed ourselves to a sustainable relationship with our environment. Each bed comes from our CO2 neutral production in Ry Denmark. We believe it is a duty to take care of our nature.