Company profile

For generations, water has been synonymous with physical and mental well-being. Nothing is quite as soothing for the soul as listening to the roar of the waves or as relaxing for the body as gently sliding into a hot bath. Water is pampering - for people of all ages.

Lars Brunsø has always been convinced that water is the essential prerequisite for a balanced and harmonious life. This is why he founded Akva Waterbeds A/S in 1981. His dream was to develop high-quality, environment-friendly waterbeds.

His dream has become a reality: Akva waterbeds are known and prized by quality- and design-conscious customers throughout Europe. As much as 96% of its production is exported to 15 European countries.


Akva believes that people thrive on freedom: the freedom to choose, to develop according to one's own ability, the freedom of independence and freedom with accountability in the daily work environment.


Knowledge is the very cornerstone of Akva, and professional competence must permeate the company. For this reason, Akva places great store on employing competent staff who possess the latest knowledge in their respective areas. Furthermore, it is Akva's goal to ensure that both dealers and consumers gain access to and benefit from this knowledge.

Holistic approach

Akva's philosophy is based on a holistic view of the individual, the environment, society and the end consumer. In our daily work, we therefore give the widest possible consideration to the social and economic relationships that govern both individuals and the company.