The idea of sleep itself is very similar to the concept of sustainability. Both are processes with the purpose of recovery. However, while we for many years have spoken about human sleep as an important state in life, we more than ever need to pay attention to the importance of a well-rested environment.
A sunlit forest
Snow on frozen lake near Ry

Minimizing waste

Reducing waste must be considered as an essential part of the environmental battle. At Akva we only produce what is necessary. No waste or inventory of unsold parts.
Our Made-to-order philosophy means that if a product is not needed, it simply does not get made.

In the process of making, we always strive to optimize the exploitation of our materials and so we prioritize to use materials that can be recycled for further use.

Fiber rolls

Natural resources

At Akva we strive to improve the utilization of natural resources. The core in our products is Water. This pure material whose qualities as an immutable substance is expanding the limit for a durable bed.

Each waterbed is crafted from 100% green wind energy at our factory in Denmark. For the future we are committed to take further steps in realizing a more sustainable product life cycle.

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