There is something calming about the sound of rain. Something that leads us back to a place of belonging.The Water, from where life began more than 3 billion years ago. In which we slept in the womb of our mothers, until we rose, and wandered through history.

A landscape of time, which brought changes with it – an emerging knowledge, dreams and the creation of something beautiful. A landscape of opportunities, where the answer yet sometimes was to be found in that, which already existed.

For in a world that is constantly changing, we often long for the things that last. A place to return.

The quiet. The water. The sleep.

Est. 1981

Akva was founded in 1981 by Lars Brunso. From the beginning the company has bridged old and new by creating beds, combining new production knowledge with the most elementary material, water.

Through a constant procedure of refining the technology behind waterbeds, Akva is driven by the process of transferring the resting qualities of water to a modern furniture of highest sustainable quality.

Lars, Oliver & Alexander Brunsø



We believe in the necessity of broadening the understanding of beds. Rather than a pure ergonomic furniture, we think of a bed as a holistic plateau of rest – A sanctuary of calmness, one that simultaneously should aim for the relieve of body and mind.


We believe in the natural qualities of each material that we use. From the calming effects of water to the aesthetics and durability of wood and textiles our work is an exploration of unpolished materiality.


We do not believe in the idea of giving rest to humans on behalf of a burdened environment. For this reason, we feel much responsible for the imprint that we leave when manufacturing beds and so we strive each day to optimize the sustainability of materiality, transport and quality.


The purpose of our craftmanship is to create beds that last. We think of the bed as a furniture to follow you for many years. For this reason, we emphasize the importance of longevity and so we have developed our collection from this principle. By focusing on quality materials, Danish production and modern technology, we do not compromise ourselves in creating the best possible sleep.

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